1. sympathyfaucet:

    hiroki (15) & togami (19)

  3. dreamwips:

    Got round to colouring these.

    Rapunzel hair concepts for my and Emily’s Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons webcomic.


  4. Whenever you’re feeling down, picture all the mindcrackers living together in one house

  5. kickthepj:

    I’ve designed a brand new kickthepj poster! If you want this on your wall, HAND SIGNED, then get ‘em whilst they’re hot! 

    I talk about it in my new video which you can watch right here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJO6ADYe9B0

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  9. hoenn:

    batgirl year one  ▸ issue #2


  10. I’m volunteering at my church’ day camp and these 10 year olds start talking to me about their HARRY POTTER SHIPS and about DRAPPLE like what children?? You do not need this troublesome lifestyle so early in your years