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  2. wtheol:

    Happy Birthday to the Bard.


  3. eyebrowgod:

    *looks at you seductively* *lowers glasses* i can’t see a thing

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  4. scottlava:

    "I am so pumped up!"



  6. I celebrated Earth Day by getting free tea from Starbucks in a reusable mug. Best day ever.

  7. breathtakingdestinations:

    Rappensee - Bavaria - Germany (von mibreit)


  8. oh

    look at that


    that’s nice


  9. Please tell me someone else saw Baj’ description on his building with Guude video…

    "It’s my turn to build a UHC statue with Guude. Many giggles as I joke with a great friend"

    So many awwwees

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