1. eddie-brentano:

    You’ve got your freshmen, 


    ROTC guys, 


    J.V. Jocks

    asian nerds

    cool asians, 

    varsity jocks, 

    unfriendly black hotties, 

    girls who eat their feelings, 

    girls who don’t eat anything, 

    desperate wannabes, 


    sexually active band geeks, 

    the greatest people you will ever meet….

    and the worst. 

  2. theartofknightjj:

    We like to let out our animal side every once in a while.

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    more place of princes

  3. Stir fried noodles and Thai coconut milk soup

  4. alicexz:

    The magician… takes the ordinary something and makes it into something extraordinary." – The Prestige (2006)

    A new painting for my cinema-inspired solo show, which opens this Friday, June 7th, at Bottleneck Gallery! Strictly limited edition giclée prints will be available at the show and online afterwards!


  6. "But I believe in true love, you know? I don’t believe that everybody gets to keep their eyes or not get sick or whatever, but everybody should have true love, and it should last at least as long as your life does."
    — John Green (The Fault in Our Stars)

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  7. rbri26:

    The Room- the best of the best.

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  9. tesspieceface:

    interior decorating in uhc with pakratt and zisteau

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