1. helicewen:

    Death prone, 2014. graphite and acrylic on paper.

    Original drawing available http://helicewen.bigcartel.com

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  2. If your ever going to get someone’s blessing to marry me, it won’t be my dad’s. You’ll have to get my cat’s blessing. Cause if she don’t like you then you can just leave.

  3. I’m a stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns.

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  4. senyahearts:

    Backstage at Julien Macdonald, Spring 2015 RTW

  5. whatdoiwear:

    Marchesa Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection

    Photos: NowFashion, for more runway gifs click HERE

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  6. threadless:

    "Hey you! Yea, you! The one wearing the rain on your coat! How’d you do that?! You baffle me! You amaze me! You’re literally the Rainman! LITERALLY!"

    So you know, live life literally, ‘n stuff. Shop “Rainman” by Victor Calahan, one of this week’s brand new tees!

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  7. Dadbee making dad jokes is the greatest thing!

  8. J

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  9. "We’re all part of one another"
    — Pyropuncher

  10. The mindcrackers are amazing

    Like even just staying up 24 hours is amazing

    Like I couldn’t even stay awake during that UHC